October 30th 2021

New upcoming baking session in December

Procrastination and poverty don’t seem like two words that should be together in one sentence. After all, you’re just watching Netflix instead of doing the dishes. How could that possibly make you broke?


But then, today it’s postponing your chores for Netflix. Tomorrow, what will it be?

Procrastination when looked at on the surface has little to do with money, and a lot to do with time. But if we think about it along the lines of this famous saying, then it starts to make sense.

Time is what? Money. Yes, money.

At the core of it, procrastination is borrowing time from your future to spend in the present. It’s putting off tasks meant for now to a later time. And as we already know, there’s a finite amount of time everyone has. So there’s only so much you can borrow from your future before it starts to tell on you.

Now think about it again…

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